Thursday, April 29, 2010

You get by with a little help from your friends... (and kids)

Is it a myth that kids don´t want to help clean the house?
I know I´ve told Ellen from time to time to go clean her room and she has sighed LOUDLY about having to do so.

Still, the room has been neat after a while. (yes, she needs to play with EVERY toy before putting it away, and yes, she needs to draw just one more picture and THEN she´ll get back to cleaning up. But, still)

Now, however, I hear her shouting from her room: "Mommy, you can´t come in here for a while."
And while I lay still in the sofa, too lazy to switch channels and ending up looking at cartoons even though I don´t have to, she CLEANS HER ROOM!

"You can come in here now" She says, and looking around her room I´m baffled! It´s really, really neat!

So, our apartment was a mess, and I said "You know, we really need to straighten this place up. Wanna help?"

Sure thing!

I have the cutest lil´ helper around! And you know what the best part is? We have fun doing it!!

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  1. LOOOOOOOOVE the PIX! she is the best little helper. do you both sing whilst cleaning? take care. xxo.