Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Old fashion fun things...

One of the great benefits of moving closer to the city is that we´ve ended up very close to Ellen´s friends.

She has her birthday party coming up and, clearly there are V.I.P invitations to hand out.
Well, this morning she said: "mommy, why don´t we take my bike and pretend I´m the mailman and get the invitations out?"

With my tounge about to lick the first stamp, my first response was: "no, sweetie, we´ll just put it in the mail"

Then, I realized I had just turned down the perfect activity!
I quickly put the stamps down and said: "you know what? That was a great idea, let´s do it!"
Putting clothes on, and packing up the bike with the invitations we set off...

She was so proud putting the invitations in the mailboxes, and I congratulated her on a job well done. It took us 1½ hrs to hand out 3 invitations, and it was worth every damn minute!!

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  1. so happy you are posting again. miss you two. what a fantastic idea. looks like she had a wonderful time playing "mailman." what's with the snow? i thought you had nice weather. take care. xxo.