Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free ridin´...

Spring is FINALLY here! Me and kiddo dusted off my bike and are now enjoying the bikeride to and from pre-school.

It´s unbeliavable how much of a difference a little fresh air makes in the morning!

All in all this spring is so much more active than last year at this time...

We have a lot more stuff to do, and so much more fun doing it.
Moving from the house has given the both of us more time to enjoy eachother, instead of having so many little things to tend to about the house. Freedom!!!

I also very much enjoy the fact that I now take the time to work out for real!
My birthday present to my self was a new gadget... Not only does it make running more fun, it also looks damn good *lol*
I can´t think of a better gift for myself...
Enjoy spring y´all, we sure are!


  1. beautiful picture of you and kiddo. great watch/timer/?...what is it? i like the color and your arm looks fantastic. xxo.