Thursday, April 29, 2010

I´m six now, you know...

Yes, my "baby" is six. SIX!!!

Excuse me, but who gave her permission to grow up?? Where is my lil´ girl?
She´s so big now, and she´s forming her personality and are turning into a school girl.

As much as I´m happy she´s such a great kid, I still get so sad about the fact that time is running away...

I see her with her friends when she doens´t know I´m watching and it´s clear she´s liked by her peers, and that she has lots of friends.

I both long for her teenage years, and -naturally- fear it. What the heck is life going to be like then?

But, for now, she´s my lil´ sweet pea. Excited about her upcoming b-day party. Thrilled about pretty dresses and SHOES (she has that from me), and she, still, likes her mama.

Who knows how long that lasts?

Anyways, we´re in the midst of baking cakes and preparing for the "big day" and she very sweetly offers to help...

cleaning the bowl, that is...

Aaaaahhh.. I love my kid! I really, really do!


  1. my kind of girl...i make cakes and brownies to eat the batter. yummy! happy 6th b'day to Miss Ellen. we wish her a happy and healthy year ahead. have a wonderful party, too. xxo.

  2. Hope your party was a blast, Ellen!!! Don't grow up too fast! Enjoy all the fun of being a kid!

    (PS--Susie, I speak from experience--fear the teenage years!) ;-)